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We’ve been talking to several startup and spinout firms whose intention is to thread cognitive software into a new generation of digital assistant applications tightly focused on specific fields of expertise. Think smart apps for health insurance providers seeking to optimize their decisions on coverage across millions of different kinds of conditions and treatment options. Or financial portfolio analysis assistants incorporating comprehensive recommendations from professional research, breaking news, social media commentary and trading data.

In those cases, data is multivariate, multiformat, highly unstructured and rapidly changing, with a high requirement for currency and precision. In each of those examples, the application must be a skilled, knowledgeable advisor that operates in an information environment uniquely suited to that particular domain. Requirements include extensive content and an easy-to-use environment that enables professionals to interact intuitively with the application.

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The above article was written by Sue Feldman and Hadley Reynolds; it appears in the issue April 2015, [Vol 24, Issue 4]


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Sue Feldman is Co-founder and Managing Director at the Cognitive Computing Consortium. She also is PrAs VP for Content Technologies at IDC, Sue developed and led research on search, text analytics and unified access technologies and markets. Her most recent book, The Answer Machine was published in 2012. Her current research is on use cases and guidelines for adopting cognitive computing to solve real world problems.
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