Cognitive Computing Working Group

In 2014, a cross-disciplinary group of experts from industry, academia and the analyst community gathered to define what we mean by cognitive computing. The goal of the project was to delineate how cognitive computing differs from traditional computing and to provide a non-proprietary definition of cognitive computing that could be used as a benchmark by the IT industry, researchers, the media, technology users and buyers. Members of this working group are listed below with their current affiliations.

 Hadley Reynolds

Next Era Research

Hadley Reynolds is a Principal Analyst of NextEra Research. It offers a lens on emergent intelligent systems deployed to augment human decision making.

Susan Feldman


Sue Feldman is founder and CEO of Synthexis, a consulting firm that provides business advisory services to vendors and buyers of cognitive computing, search and text analytics technologies.

Hannah Webber

Athena Advisors

Hannah Webber is founder of Athena Advisors, a consulting firm that offers finance and operations consulting to small businesses. Hannah serves as Operations Director for the Consortium.

George Chitouras

Pivotal Software

George Chitouras is a Sr. Dir R&D at Pivotal Inc. He is a software development leader with 20+ years of commercial experience building and delivering quality software products.

Stephen Cohen

Basis Technology

Steve Cohen is a COO at Basis Technology, the leading provider of text analytics to enterprise and cloud applications.

Randy Cairns


Randy Cairns, is the head of communications at HP Software. He drives global communications for HP Software, a $4 billion business that spans Application Delivery Management and Big Data.

Jeff Kreulen

IBM Watson

Jeffrey Kreulen is a distinguished engineer, Cognitive Systems Architecture, at IBM Watson Group.

Rob High

IBM Watson

Robert High is CTO for IBM’s Watson Solutions – driving Cognitive Systems development for the application of deep natural language processing in inferring answers from massive quantities of unstructured information.

Clare Gillan

Babson College

Clare Gillan is a research, technology, and media general manager known for building high performing teams, launching and growing businesses, improving profits and driving business innovation.

Jeff Fried

BA Insight

Jeff Fried is CTO at BA Insight. The company is transforming information management by making search-driven applications (aka “InfoApps”) affordable and ubiquitous.

Craig Rhinehart


Craig Rhinehart is working to transform healthcare at IBM Watson Health.

Guy Mounier

Customer Matrix

Guy Mounier is Co-Founder and CEO at CustomerMatrix, launched the world’s first cognitive technology helping people anticipate customer needs and risks, and recommend what to do next.

Nathan Treloar


Nathan Treloar is President and COO at Bebaio, a software company in the Internet of Things market.

Mary McKenna


Mary McKenna, Director Product Marketing Natural Language at Interactions, has more than fifteen years of management experience in the information search, discovery, and big data analytics markets.

Stefan Weitz


Until recently, Stefan Weitz was a Senior Director of Search at Microsoft and charged with working with people and organizations across the industry to promote and improve Search technologies.

Jeff Veis

HP Software

Jeff Veis is VP, HP Big Data Platform Solutions at HP Software.

Fiona McNeill

Red Hat

Fiona McNeill is Principal Product Marketing Manager at Red Hat.

Elaine Allen

Babson College

Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics at UCSF.

Dan Burke


Dave Feldman