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A Data Scientist’s Take on Cognitive Computing (and more…)

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Join the upcoming Leaders in Cognitive webinar, Wednesday 10/11/17 at 12:00 pm Eastern to meet Wayne Thompson, Chief Data Scientist at SAS Institute.

Wayne will tackle the confusing deep water we find ourselves in trying to navigate the proliferation of hype related to “AI” terms like weak and strong AI, cognitive computing, machine learning, and particularly deep learning. Would you know AI if you met up with it on the street? You should after you’ve heard Wayne’s perspective.

To get a sample ...

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IBM’s concierge bot serves hotel guests in interesting ways

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I learned three things from IBM’s Connie the concierge robot when I visited her at the Hilton in McClean, Virginia. First, my Southern accent is much stronger than I realized. Second, voice recognition systems still have trouble understanding some of us. Third, the natural language processing capabilities of this Watson-driven robot are impressive, but our brief acquaintance indicates that they fall short of being cognitive.

According to IBM’s March press release about the project, “Connie uses a combination of Watson ...

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