Consortium Presents – Cognitive Computing Track at AIWorld, Boston, Wednesday 12/5/18

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On Wednesday 12/5/18, the Cognitive Computing Consortium is presenting a half-day track of presentations and panels devoted to issues of Cognitive Computing. The Consortium is a Premier Association Sponsor of AIWorld 2018. Consortium Co-founder Hadley Reynolds acts as track chair.

Beginning at 2:00 pm, the program features four sessions. The opening session focuses on issues of leadership in today’s cognitive computing projects. The second session takes up the future of work and the rise of augmented intelligence in projects today. The third session will focus on business value drivers and recent Consortium research on models for understanding the interactions of technology capabilities with organizational value objectives. Closing out the sessions will be a conversation on perhaps the most important piece of the cognitive computing infrastructure—the need for a practice of ethical AI. In future posts we will look at each of these sessions in greater detail.

For now, please Save the Date for your visit to Boston’s World Trade Center to listen to the latest thinking on the development of cognitive computing and to meet the people influencing the direction of this emerging industry.


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