Consortium Presents – Evaluating AI Projects: Consortium and Babson Discuss New Tool at AIWorld, Boston, Wednesday 12/5/18

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Have you ever wondered if you’re using the right tools to guide decisions that have to be made about AI projects?

You’ll find that new research by the Cognitive Computing Consortium and Babson College Technology, Operations, and Information Management presents a new set of perspectives on evaluating cognitive computing projects. The session begins at 2:30 pm at the Cognitive Computing track at AIWorld, Wednesday 12/5/18.

Deciding to adopt a new technology is a daunting process.  What pressing problems will it solve? Will it give us a competitive advantage, increase revenue or mitigate risks?  Do we have the right expertise? What alternatives exist already?

This presentation by Prof. Ganesan Shankar and Consortium Research Director Sue Feldman describes a new decision making framework that provides guidelines to help buyers select the right cognitive application. It describes what makes cognitive computing different, and delineates the trade-offs that decision makers must make in selecting the right application.

The result of a  joint research program in 2017-2018 sponsored by Babson College and the Cognitive Computing Consortium, this research has developed a standard template for communicating and evaluating the enterprise value propositions associated with cognitive computing projects. The objective of the research program is to offer AI decision-makers a common standard for developing insights across the organization when implementing cognitive applications projects.


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