Consortium Presents – Leadership for AI: a Discussion at AIWorld Boston, Wednesday 12/5/18

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Have you ever wondered if the same old IT project management and executive leadership styles that have been in place for years will work for the oncoming generation of AI deployments?

You’ll find answers to this and other leadership questions at 2:00 pm at the Cognitive Computing track at AIWorld, Wednesday 12/5/18.

Moderated by Hadley Reynolds, Consortium Co-founder, the panel includes executives from a range of backgrounds. Leslie Owens is Executive Director of MIT Sloan School’s Center for Information Systems Research (CISR). You can check out their publicly available streams of research here.  John Griffith is Principal Artificial Intelligence Engineer at MITRE, working extensively on government innovation in this area. Jana Eggers is CEO and Board leader at NaraLogics, developer of a platform for synaptic intelligence at use at Global 2000 firms.

How does AI contribute to or challenge the overall transition to digital business? Is your firm being digitized? Or are you embracing becoming digital?

What kind of executive can lead an AI initiative successfully? Is this a departmental, or point solution kind of problem? Or is this going to be a cross-functional initiative for firms? Are there going to be AI centers of excellence? A C-AI-O?

Will AI leaders need a special sensitivity to the degree to which their team members and the employees of their firms feel threatened by the potential impact of AI on their livelihoods?

And what about the impact of AI on leadership itself? Will robots soon be leading our AI projects?

If you are interested in any of these questions, join in the session at AIWorld, Wednesday 2:00 pm.



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