Google open sources AI engine, TensorFlow

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Google has released its second-generation machine learning system in an effort to accelerate the field of artificial intelligence.

According to Google’s white paper on TensorFlow, “it is flexible and can be used to express a wide variety of algorithms, including training and inference algorithms for deep neural network models.” This highly scalable machine learning system can run on a single smartphone or across thousands of computers in datacenters. Jeff Dean, Senior Google Fellow, and Rajat Monga, Technical Lead, say that Google’s deep learning researchers use TensorFlow in their experiments.  Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google goes on to say that TensorFlow “allows us to build and train neural nets up to five times faster than our first-generation system, so we can use it to improve our products much more quickly.”

With this release, Google hopes others can, too, thereby accelerating the field of artificial intelligence.

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