Inspiration, Insights, & Innovation through Cognitive Computing

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When: November 2, 2015
Where: KMWorld; Washington, DC

Sue Feldman will be holding a workshop with Swami Chandrasekaran & Luke Palamara, Product Portfolio Managers, Watson Products, at IBM, on cognitive computing.

Imagine if you could understand the personality characteristics of your cus­tomers at a deeper level. Imagine if you could find new, related pathways in your data to make discoveries in a fraction of the time you could before. Imagine a world where information presented itself at the point of possibility; decisions were made with all available evidence; and the expertise of your entire organization was available on demand. This is the power of what can be achieved with cognitive computing. This introduction to cognitive computing by those leading the way gives attendees an overview of cognitive computing. It defines the term, describes cognitive systems, and examines how they differ from today’s business intelligence, search, and question answering systems. It describes problems that cognitive computing can solve, looks at various adoption patterns, and delves into use cases that lend themselves to this new computing paradigm.

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