Please join us in conversation with Wayne Thompson, the Manager of Data Science Technologies at SAS. He is one of the early pioneers of business predictive analytics, and he is a globally recognized presenter, teacher, practitioner, and innovator in the field of predictive analytics technology. He has worked alongside the world’s biggest and most challenging companies to help them harness analytics to build high-performing organizations. Over the course of his 20-year career at SAS, he has been credited with bringing to market landmark SAS analytic technologies (SAS® Text Miner, SAS® Credit Scoring for SAS® Enterprise Miner™, SAS® Model Manager, SAS® Rapid Predictive Modeler, SAS® Scoring Accelerator for Teradata, SAS® Analytics Accelerator for Teradata, and SAS® Visual Statistics). His current focus initiatives include easy-to-use, self-service data mining tools for business analysts, deep learning and cognitive computing.

Please join Eliot Weinman, Conference Founder and Chair of AI World and CEO of Trends Equity, and Hadley Reynolds, Managing Director of Cognitive Computing Consortium to discuss the current state of the new AI trend. What are the most important dynamics you need to understand as increasing numbers of hardware, software, and services firms adopt AI messaging? What are the distinctions between AI and Cognitive Computing and should you be explaining those to your boss? What is the role of the media and of educational institutions in the development of this market space?

Weinman and Reynolds will also review the participants and the programs for Trends Equity’s upcoming AI World conference in Boston December 11-13, and the program content for the co-located Cognitive Computing Consortium Directions in Cognitive summit on Wednesday December 13.

This will be a good forum to understand how Consortium members can attend these events at a discounted rate and how to access unique program content during and after the events.

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