Research Program on Standard Reference Framework for Cognitive Computing Applications

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The Cognitive Computing Consortium and Babson College’s Division of Technology, Operations, and Information Management have launched a joint research program focused on establishing a standard reference framework for describing cognitive computing applications. The program is led by Professor Ganesan Shankar of Babson College and Susan Feldman of the Cognitive Computing Consortium.

The research is based on an ongoing series of structured interviews with organizations who have created and deployed applications of cognitive computing technologies to one or more use cases within their enterprise.

The purpose of the research is four-fold. First, the program will provide a neutral, systematic baseline of use case data for understanding what is actually being accomplished today through emerging cognitive computing/AI projects.

Second, the research seeks to move business understanding of the cognitive computing trend beyond the level of hype currently rampant across the media, the technology vendors’ marketing messages, and the voices of the interested service provider communities by providing a standard reference framework for rigorously characterizing cognitive computing/AI projects. The foundation of this framework is based on the documented ability of these systems to capture business value through innovative leverage of data, technologies, and behaviors, as well high level integrations across systems of hardware, software, networks, and sensors.

Third, the research results will be made available to organizations who are seeking solid ground from which to make decisions about how to get started working with these new technology approaches, what reasonable expectations are appropriate for various application classes, and what skills, competencies, and timeframes may be required for such projects. The research program will seek out negative examples from which to characterize failures as well as successes.

Fourth, the research data will include representations of perspectives of different actors and roles in the development of cognitive computing applications. Access to this body of knowledge on organizational engagement should help the managers of both current and future cognitive systems projects to understand the scope of a cognitive systems effort in terms of human resources and to arrange the coordination and collaboration of business functions appropriate to the context in which the system will operate.

The interview phase of the research is currently under way. We encourage any organization or individual who has experience with bringing a cognitive computing/AI application to life to share their experience with the Consortium’s joint research program with Babson College. Interview identities, content, and perspectives will remain anonymous.

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Hadley Reynolds is Co-founder and Managing Director at the Cognitive Computing Consortium. He is a leading analyst of the search, content management, and knowledge management industries, researching, speaking, and writing on emerging trends in these technologies and their impact on business practice. He currently leads the publications program at the Consortium.
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