SAS CTO on Viya™ and Cognitive

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The Huffington Post recently published an interview with Oliver Schabenberger, SAS Executive VP and CTO discussing the shifts in advanced analytics, the adoption of deep learning techniques, the increasing use of streaming data analytics, and the emergence of cognitive computing approaches in SAS product lines. All of these capabilities are anchored in SAS’s most recent Cloud platform offering, dubbed Viya™.

Schabenberger takes a pragmatic view on how the AI-supported future will unfold:

“It is unlikely that AI will replace the processes and business rules you have built. Do not throw them away. Enterprises that bring AI successfully into their processes will understand how to combine AI with technologies and approaches that are built on traditional models. The ensemble might be the winning combination.

Look for areas where AI and cognitive computing can be applied to business problems. Ask yourself, “Where do I have a lot of data? Where could we benefit from more automated decisions? Where do I need more personalized interactions and fewer business rules?” Look for activities and systems that can be automated and simplified using data, and remember that the biggest opportunities might come from assisting your employees.”


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