Susan Feldman Keynotes Knowledge Management World

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The November 4th sessions of the Knowledge Management World conference in Washington, D.C. kick off with a keynote address by Susan Feldman, co-founder of the Cognitive Computing Consortium.

The keynote addresses the entwined issues of innovation and knowledge management. Agility, speed and flexibility are key requirements for organizations today. Enterprises need a new approach to handling, analyzing, and acting on complex information—as it arrives. Feldman will discuss a new approach to knowledge management that addresses the complex problems enterprises are facing. She considers the impact of cognitive computing on the IT industry and how it will affect our jobs and our lives. She raises issues and possible impacts for those in the search, discovery, content management and knowledge management areas, and demonstrates why KM professionals are uniquely well suited to understanding and using these new technologies.

Join the Livestream: 9:00 am November 4, 2015


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