Susan Feldman Presents Cognitive Application Framework at CSIG

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Sue Feldman presented her work on developing a framework for analyzing cognitive computing applications at the Cognitive Systems Institute Group Speaker Series on September 1, 2016.

She described a general framework integrating business value, application behavior, technology deployed, and data sources curated. She also offered her views on the emerging continuum of cognitive applications, ranging from tightly honed expert systems to open, exploratory kinds of applications designed to promote serendipity.

Interaction context is another foundation element in cognitive applications, and Sue presented a four-quadrant diagram differentiating applications whose design is grounded in the individual and her goals from those whose design is driven by the requirements of a task or process.

Sue also demonstrated the use of this analytic framework by presenting her evaluation of multiple cognitive application use cases.

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Introduction to the Cognitive Systems Institute


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  1. Sue Feldman  September 1, 2016

    A recording and copy of the slides will be posted on the CSIG site Sept. 2: Follow up discussion can be found at LinkedIn Group



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