The Case for Cognitive Computing

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When: August 19, 2015 – 9:45 AM
Where: Smart Data Conference; San Jose, CA

Sue Feldman will be giving a session on cognitive computing and its impact on business.

The confluence of big data techniques, NLP, cloud computing have propelled the rising interest in cognitive computing. Beyond they hype, though, is both a promise and a complexity that are poorly understood. This session will define cognitive computing, examine the system components that cognitive systems have in common and their major information handling and interaction processes—problem definition, data ingestion, context filtering and data exploration. The presentation gives examples of the types of problems that cognitive systems address. It ends by discussing the issues of market disruption, security and privacy, and trust that this new era in computing will undoubtedly raise.

Attendees will learn:

  1. What cognitive computing is and what are its constituent technologies
  2. Which problems are most conducive to a cognitive systems approach
  3. Why cognitive computing will be the next computing era, and what its impact will be on traditional computing systems


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