Workshop: Cognitive Computing and Sentiment Analysis

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When: July 15, 2015
Where: Sentiment Analysis Symposium; New York, NY

Sue Feldman and Hadley Reynolds will be giving a workshop on cognitive computing and sentiment analysis.

Cognitive computing can be considered a superset of analytics, search, business intelligence, advertising, AI and machine learning.All of these technologies are currently coalescing around the concept of cognitive computing, with a healthy dose of user experience, recommendation engines and contextual personalization thrown in.This presentation by Sue Feldman and Hadley Reynolds, co-founders of the CognitiveComputing Consortium, will:

  1. Define cognitive computing — what it is and what it isn’t
  2. Discuss the rationale for its use
  3. Explore what makes it different from today’s traditional information systems
  4. Describe the role that sentiment analysis will play in turning a traditional system into a contextual cognitive system

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